White Dove Dreamcatcher

Authentic White Dreamcatchers with perched doves are handmade by native american cherokee artist Jasmine Battle, Wholesale, Retail, Fundraisers, Homebased business opportunity available

white authentic native american dreamcatcher, white authentic dream catcher, cherokee dreamcatchers, A white dove sits perched upon the brown deer lace wrapped ring.  White feathers cascade from this exquisite dream catcher.  Think of peace, harmony and spirtual love. The larger versions have more doves, semi-precious stones or crystals for your spiritual enjoyment.

This dream catcher is definitely peaceful! A dove adorns the brown deer lace leather with white cascading feathers! Lovely.
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  • Item #: Peaceful Flight Dreamcatcher
  • Manufacturer: Native American
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: Jasmine Battle, Cherokee Artist
  • Condition: New
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Price $14.00
5 or more $12.00 each
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